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tcs forex loss

Rediff MoneyWiz, the personal finance service from equips the user with tools and information in the form of graphs, charts, expert advice, and more to stay up-to-date and make informed decisions. Aug 23,  · Get details of TCS profit and loss account, financial statement and company accounts details on Moneycontrol. Oct 22,  · Wipro Q2 hit by staff costs, forex loss Wipro Ltd, India's third-largest software outsourcer, reported a 10 per cent rise in quarterly profit, short of expectations as salary hikes and foreign exchange losses hit margins, sending the stock down nearly 4 per cent.

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Vikram Sheth Technologies such as robotic process automation RPAnatural language processing NLPand machine learning ML are revolutionizing the way businesses are run, be it any industry.

Combined with the power of IoT and analytics, these technologies are can enable banks to improve operational cost efficiency and accuracy. Here we discuss how these technologies can automate some of the manual aspects of operational loss activities. Banks typically have tedious processes for the management of their internal and external loss data. Picture this: sourcing data from various divisions of a bank and manually mapping incidents with various business lines, event types, risks, and so on, tcs forex loss, sometimes using end user computing EUC by way of spreadsheets, is complex to say the least.

Moreover, there is a huge probability of human error as the amount of loss data increases. Machine learning can be used in these areas, freeing up human resources to take on more productive work. But for that, banks need to ensure that all the relevant scenarios for automation are covered and then train the system for automation of manual tasks contained within the overall process. Data preparation: To start with, we need a thorough loss database, tcs forex loss, which has significant number of incidents with all possible scenarios covered that are required for the machine to get trained on.

This is essential, tcs forex loss, as the lack of enough data will yield poor results, leading to under-utilization of technology. Data preparation will also result in higher accuracy in data mapping. The datasets needed will be part of the overall loss data sourced by the bank and then customized to cover all required scenarios. Common English words, bank names, currencies, countries, and so on, are also removed.

The benefit of this process is that the machine learning model will be restricted to focus only on specific keywords, for the mapping exercise to be as successful as possible. Word stemming is also performed in this stage to avoid confusion with similar tcs forex loss. This is done using NLP techniques and is directly applicable to incident description.

This can replace the traditional method of managing loss data, where an individual has to tcs forex loss read the incident description to perform this process. Model creation: In this stage, the number of times a pertinent word appears in the incident description, is looked for. This may be a common English word, which is either removed tcs forex loss the model to avoid ambiguity while performing the mapping activity or may be of high importance, tcs forex loss, so that it can be used for mapping an incident to a risk, business line, event type, and so on.

Based on frequently appearing words tcs forex loss all the incidents, a word cloud is generated to focus on those sets of words and treat them accordingly. Model calibration: The model is calibrated and validated until a significant level of accuracy in data mappings is achieved. The level of accuracy may vary from bank to bank, however the rule of thumb is — higher the accuracy, tcs forex loss, better is the calibration level.

Model validation and deployment: Once the machine achieves a significant level of accuracy, tcs forex loss, it is fully validated against the dataset that is used for tuning various parameters of the model that was selected for training the tcs forex loss and finally deployed. There are a lot of regular activities that organizations have to constantly deal with.

For example, traditionally, they have been conditioned to work with limited resources, extract quality reports at a particular frequency, manage key stakeholders, investor relations, and so on.

This will also enable them to respond to constant challenges and threats, while delivering new business capabilities and models in an agile manner.


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tcs forex loss


Mar 12,  · Rupee effect: For TCS, higher forex losses may take sheen off record operating margins. TCS posted a forex loss of Rs crore in Q3. Currency has had a per cent margin impact for Q3, says S Mahalingam,chief financial officer at TCS. The company has hedged $ billion for the next quarter for the current financial year at Rs 49 per US dollar. TCS shares fell per cent to Rs 1, in a strong market. Related. This was helping the latter to come out with better numbers. For instance, Infosys reported a forex loss of Rs 45 crore in the March 08 quarter as against Rs crore gain for TCS. In the following quarter, the loss widened to Rs 80 crore for Infosys while TCS reported a loss of Rs 75 Ranjit Shinde.