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Risk warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to elucicuqyp.tkn % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. In Israel, the currency used is the Israeli New Sheqel, with the currency code ILS. One sheqel is divided into agorot. Read more. Tip! Cash to a value of 00 Sheqel or more must be declared in customs when travelling to Israel. It is very common to use cash in Israel. The Israeli Shekel is the currency of Israel. Our currency rankings show that the most popular Israel Shekel exchange rate is the USD to ILS rate. The currency code for New Shekels is ILS, and the currency symbol is ₪. Below, you'll find Israeli Shekel rates and a currency converter.

No need for Bank of Israel forex market intervention - Globes

Eli Tsipori Israel's currency is strong because its economy is strong and the strong shekel rewards efficiency and benefits consumers. From a perspective of several days after the "volatility" in the foreign currency market as the shekel strengthened and the "dramatic" announcement by the Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof.

Amir Yaron that the interest rate won't be rising in the near future, forex en israel, several conclusions can be drawn ahead of the next storm on the forex market.

The ritual has recurred innumerable times in recent years. The shekel-dollar rate goes down to some level, say NIS 3. This is translated into expectations forex en israel the Governor of the Bank of Israel will do something already, that there will be some kind of intervention - now and immediately - and always on the basis of the same argument: a strong shekel is dealing a lethal blow to the local industry and exporters, the forex market is ruled by speculators and foreign currency sharks, forex en israel, and it is a case of industrialists versus financiers - good guys against bad guys - which is just a hop, skip, and a jump forex en israel from demagoguery.

A strong shekel is suddenly portrayed as a bad thing, a distortion of the market that should be corrected, and forex en israel is automatically directed at the Governor of the Bank of Israel, his policy, and of course against the government's policy. This time, Yaron is being accused of zigzagging for responding late to the "drama" and "tumult. There are several important problems in all of this forex en israel recurring "drama" and "upheaval" in the forex market.

First of all, there is no drama and no tumult. It is just normal behavior by the markets, forex en israel, and the attempt to call it abnormal is ridiculous just what does "abnormal" mean? Secondly, a strong currency means a strong economy, and vice versa - a weak currency means a weak economy. When the currency is consistently strong, it means that Israel has a strong economy. I understand that there are those who are unwilling to admit this, but in the long term, a strong currency cannot continue to be strong merely because of actions by "speculative sharks.

This is the reason why, as of now, the markets are not being flustered by the deficit, even though it is setting off alarm bells, and even though there is an excessive campaign based on it aimed at scaring people.

The figures for the July budget deficit were published yesterday, and it can be stated with confidence, at least as of now and the July forex en israel, that the deterioration in the deficit has been halted, forex en israel. The deficit fell slightly to 3. This does not make it less necessary to take preemptive action in case of possible negative developments like a global slowdown or recession, which could aggravate the trend.

In any case, both the markets and the credit rating agencies are still showing confidence in the government's economic policy. The markets, especially the bond and forex markets, function as a kind of mirror for economic policy.

They tend to "speak" to policymakers through increases and decreases in bond yields or weakening or strengthening of the local currency. For Israel, it can be stated with certainty that as of now, and during recent years, this dialogue is an encouraging one.

Industrialists are automatically portrayed as being harmed by the strong shekel, but this portrayal is also inaccurate. When local industrialists buy equipment and raw materials overseas, they also benefit from the strong shekel, so the picture that industrialists tend to paint is incomplete. Furthermore, the consumers are the most important forex en israel, and the strong economy, the strong shekel, is very beneficial for them in overseas purchases, vacations, and so forth.

What happened in overseas travel and purchases from overseas, which is a huge revolution - a real drama - began with the open skies policy in and continued with the Internet shopping revolution and the strong shekel.

This is a very significant factor in lowering the cost of living, forex en israel. It enables consumers to benefit from cheaper and more diversified services by clicking a mouse, taking cheap flights, and bringing cheap products from overseas.

When this is combined with the strong shekel, it constitutes a factor that lowers the cost of living. Forex en israel are several of the enlightening points that he raises, and I agree with him completely. Had the government failed in its economic policy, forex en israel, the shekel would have weakened, and that would have been no cause for celebration.

Forex en israel took over eight million foreign trips last year. Millions of Israelis took part in them, some of them more than once. The strong shekel enabled them to increase the number of their vacation days, travel to more exotic locales, and buy more products.

That is not far from a bonus that employees receive for the success of the business in which they work, and Israelis are glad about it. This seems negative, forex en israel, but the strong shekel is forcing us to focus on sectors in which we have an advantage - sectors in which they will still buy from us, despite the high price.


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